A training course to become “Ville Venete experts”

A training course to become “Ville Venete experts”

Associazione Ville Venete and CISET offer a course to train 13 people in the enhancement of the touristic value of the heritage of Veneto Villas

Called «Tourism Network Specialist-Ville Venete e filiera turistica», the training course is promoted by CISET, Centro Internazionale di Studi sull’Economia Turistica, and Associazione Ville Venete, and is financed through European Union funding. Its objective is to provide 13 participants, selected from a field of 92 candidates, with specific training on key themes for the enhancement of the touristic value of the heritage of Veneto Villas and the surrounding tourism network.

The course, offered completely free of charge and intended for candidates with secondary school or university degrees with no age limit, will involve 300 hours of lessons, as well as a study visit to the region of the Chateaux of the Loire and two Villas in Veneto, as well as a 3-4 month internship at one or more Villas, in Italy or abroad.

This is the first project arising from the protocol agreement signed at the end of 2015 by CISET and Associazione Ville Venete to collaborate on the touristic development of the Villa network. In Veneto there are 4,300 residences, 27 of which Palladian (Unesco World Heritage sites), 100 open to visitors, and 300 offering hospitality in the form of hotels, b&bs or farmstays. More than 200 gourmet food and wine products are produced in Villa contexts.

Moreover, in the last two years, the Villa network and system has generated 600 new jobs, and direct revenues from visitors have increased (with more than 350,000 documented visitors annually – we are still a long way from the Loire Chateaux region’s 7 and a half million). As far as derivative benefits are concerned, it is estimated that every euro spent directly at a Villa generates a further 4-5 euros spent in the local area. We are thus in the range of around ten million euros, in contrast to the billion euros revolving around our French cousins’ chateaux.

Touristic interest in this cultural draw in Veneto is constantly increasing: the Ville Venete are organizing efforts to offer tourists continuously-evolving high-quality products and services, unique experiences that allow them to understand and appreciate one of the best expressions of Veneto culture, the ideal of “Villa Living.”

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