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The Venetian Villa Tours - Discovering Venice on the Mainland

Villevenetetour is a portal offering information to visit the Venetian Villas and discover one of the world's most outstanding examples of cultural heritage. At last, the Venetian Villas have become a holiday destination - charming and exclusive.

Over 4,300 mansions were built in Veneto and Friuli at the peak of the Most Serene Republic of Venice between the 16th and 18th centuries: 300 years of history, 500 fresco cycles, thousands of statues, pieces of art, old-century parks. And today over 150 Villas, the most beautiful, are open to visitors: each Villa has its distinctive features and all of them are venues for cultural events, such as concerts and theater performances, traditional festivals, fashion shows, arts and crafts exhibitions, excellent wine and food tasting, with restaurant and wellness services.

In Villevenetetour, you can choose one of the tours recommended, or easily create a tour of your own, for a unique holiday experience. The Villa Tours cover all of the provinces in the Veneto and Friuli regions and in a variety of different environments: from the Brenta River to Lake Garda, from the foot of the Dolomites to Venice, the Po River delta, Caorle; from the Euganeus Hills to the Sile River and the Carso Mountains; or the Palladian Villas (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Villas with the most beautiful gardens, or those hosting frescoes by Tiepolo or Veronese.

If you wish to experience the Villas overnight, you can find information about the mansions that offer the most sophisticated and modern accommodation solutions, including apartments and B&B services, to enjoy your holidays and Life in the Villas.

Villevenetetour also includes information on other points of interests, such as ancient boroughs, natural parks, cycling paths, golf courses, waterways, and hiking trails.

With the "VILLEVENETE" brand and Villevenetetour, the Associazione Ville Venete opens a new and extraordinary destination for cultural tourism: there is a whole "Mainland Venice" to be discovered!

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