Villa Events Calendar

The Ville Venete host events of cultural interest year-round, which attract thousands of visitors: special occasions for visiting these historic residences and seeing them revive the splendor of the past.

Exhibitions, traditional feast days, artisanal fairs, conferences, concerts, theatrical performances, cooking courses and tastings are just a few of the events that take place at the Villas, amid frescoed halls and historic gardens.

On this page you'll find a constantly-updated events calendar of appointments organized by each Villa, and all the information you need to take part.

Events May 2017

Immagine evento Villa Pisani Bonetti

Villa Pisani Bonetti

from 19 March 2017
to 10 June 2017
Cleto's World

Immagine evento Villa Foscari La Malcontenta

Villa Foscari La Malcontenta

from 12 May 2017
to 27 October 2017
Janine Von Thüngen, Eternity I e II

Immagine evento Villa Emo

Villa Emo

13 May 2017
A tree for a friend

Immagine evento Villa Buzzati

Villa Buzzati

18 May 2017
At Dino's home

Immagine evento Villa Roberti

Villa Roberti

20 May 2017
How to do tourism

Immagine evento Villa Cavarzerani

Villa Cavarzerani

from 20 May 2017
to 21 May 2017
Welcome Spring

Immagine evento Villa Valmarana ai Nani

Villa Valmarana ai Nani

20 May 2017
European Museum Night 2017

Immagine evento Villa Varda

Villa Varda

25 May 2017
The Cycle of Beauty

Immagine evento Villa Fioravanti Onesti

Villa Fioravanti Onesti

27 May 2017
Open cellars

Immagine evento Villa Palazzo San Bonifacio

Villa Palazzo San Bonifacio

from 27 May 2017
to 28 May 2017
Afternoons of roses

Immagine evento Villa Emo Capodilista

Villa Emo Capodilista

28 May 2017
Open cellars

Immagine evento Castello di Roncade

Castello di Roncade

28 May 2017
Open cellars

Immagine evento Castello Principi di Porcia

Castello Principi di Porcia

28 May 2017
Open cellars

Immagine evento Villa Dal Martello detta La Mincana

Villa Dal Martello detta La Mincana

28 May 2017
Open cellars

Immagine evento Villa Emo

Villa Emo

28 May 2017

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