Casa Dalla Francesca

Casa Dalla Francesca

Casa dalla Francesca is a Venetian Villa in the province of Padua. It comprises a manor house and barchessa dating back to the 18th century, as well as a large 20th-century building formerly used as a tobacco drying barn, now open to visitors.

Once an annex of the nearby Villa Correr, today Casa della Francesca, and the 26 hectares of land surrounding it, are devoted to agritourism and organic farming. In Casa dalla Francesca, visitors have the opportunity to experience life in the fields and the ancient peasant traditions of the area.

The estate includes a forest of oaks, walnuts, common hazels, ashes, alders and paulownias, while the fields yield soy, corn, wheat and alfalfa crops. The farm hosts a large number of animals, including sheep, hens, ducks, geese, cattle and donkeys; a fenced-in outdoor area is reserved for rabbits.

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Duration of visit: 2 or 3 hours - Full day

Number of people: Min 4 - Max 100

Lunch area: Indoors

Cancellation policy: 15 days in advance

Architectural barriers: Barrier-free access

Car parking: Private indoor area

Bus parking: Outdoor area near the villa


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Via Correr, 25
35040 Casale di Scodosia (PD)

+39 347 2500714

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Casa dalla Francesca offers overnight Lodging the Altaura Monte Ceva agritourism

with 4 rooms (sleeping up to 12)

Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Casa Dalla Francesca offers a fascinating tour exploring the biodiversity of its organic farm and it Genius Loci, the spirit of the place (visit lasts 2-3 hours, € 7.00).

The tour includes a visit to see the farm’s bees, and a tasting of honey from the hive.

In the farm stay’s restaurant, visitors can enjoy seasonal specialties made with the Farm’s organic products as well as other locally-grown ingredients. There is a focus on vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cooking.

Restaurant with seating for max. 30 guests

Wine cellars and gourmet products

Wine cellars and gourmet products

Casa dalla Francesca offers guests the opportunity to purchase its products at shops on-site and in Battaglia Terme

Sheep, goat and chicken; syrups; preserves; honey

Shop hours: By reservation only

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Regione Veneto Istituto Regionale Ville Venete
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