Villa Correr Dolfin

Villa Correr Dolfin

Villa Correr Dolfin, in Rorai Piccolo in the province of Pordenone, was built between 1680 and 1685 by the Correr, and ancient patrician family from Veneto, and in the nineteenth century it passed, through marriage, to the noble family Dolfin, one of the most illustrious in the Serenissima Repubblica of Venice.

The access to the Villa is through the main gate which is along the boundary wall: the owner’s mansion is on two floors and it’s richly decorated with frescos and sculptures.

All around the villa there’s a wide park with centuries old poplars, magnolias, cypress trees and plane trees.

On the west side of the park there are water springs that feed two small lakes, which are the natural habitat of lots of birds such as the gray heron.

When Villa Correr Dolfin was built it was an important commercial and social point of reference in the region of Friuli.

Since 2003 it is part of the municipality of Porcia, which is conducting an imposing restoration project.

Today the eastern Barchessa and its porch, the noble family chapel and the “small Villa” are completely restored.

In addition to the park, open to the public from 7 to 19 in summer and from 8 to 16 in winter, the only structure that can be visited is the east barchessa, currently home to the Salvador Gandino Music School, which can be accessed by appointment agreed with the school secretariat (tel. 0434 590356).

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Duration of Villa and Park visit: 60 minutes

Number of people: Min 5 - Max 15

Cancellation policy: 3 days before

Architectural barriers: Partly inaccessible 

Car parking: Outdoor area near the villa

Bus parking: Outdoor area near the villa


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Via Correr
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Historic gardens and parks

Historical park open to the public from 7 to 19 in summer and from 8 to 16 in winter.

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