Villa di Modolo

Villa di Modolo

In the heart of the Dolomites and a few kilometers from Belluno is Villa di Modolo (Villa Miari-Fulcis), a beautiful 

residence built in the seventeenth century by the Miari, counts by decree of Emperor Sigismund since 1412.
The size and current appearance of the villa dates back to 1806, when a major renovation leads to the main facade 

being turned. Thanks to these interventions Villa Modolo becomes one of the largest villas in the province of Belluno and one of the most beautiful examples of Venetian villa in the Alpine area. 

After the dramatic years of the First World War in which the villa was used as a field hospital by the Germans and then by the Italians,numerous restoration works were undertaken, along with several cutting-edge activities related to agriculture and livestock.

Today the family keeps developing the villa connecting it with activities related to tourism, art, catering and agricultural experimentation. 

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Picnic area: Outdoors, open-air and covered

Architectural barriers: Partial

Car parking: On-site private max 130

Bus parking: On-site private max 6


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Via Modolo, 188
32100 Modolo (BL)

+39 055 599600 +39 366 659 8175

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Weddings and Events

Weddings and Events
The indoor halls and gardens are the ideal places for a convivial ceremony, followed by dances and moments of celebration. Thanks to the great variety of spaces, both outdoor and indoor, and the many possibilities of preparation, you will be able to design a reception that fullfills your wishes.

Meetings and Conferences

Meetings and Conferences
The Villa, with its rural village, has many different environments that are well suited to corporate and social events. The "Sala delle Meridiane" hosts conferences for groups of up to 250 people.

Wine cellars and gourmet products

Wine cellars and gourmet products
The villa is part of the network resistenti Nicola Biasi

Sport and Wellness Tourism

Sport and Wellness Tourism
The villa is surrounded by the Modolo ring perfect for walking and biking. In the area you can also enjoy other activities such as hiking, cycling and skiing.

Historic gardens and parks

Historic gardens and parks
The villa has a big garden in the front and a romantic park in the back.
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