Villa Wollemborg

Villa Wollemborg

Villa Wollemborg, a splendid residence located in Loreggia, Padua, captivates visitors with its timeless majesty and charm. Originally constructed in the 15th century as a seasonal retreat by the Polcastro family of Padua, the villa has undergone numerous transformations and expansions over the centuries, resulting in its current magnificent neoclassical structure.

The villa's original core was built in the first half of the 15th century, serving as a summer residence for the Polcastro family to relish the mild climate and breathtaking surrounding landscape. The initial phase of construction focused on creating a simple yet elegant architecture that harmoniously blended with the natural environment.

During the 17th century, Villa Wollemborg underwent significant expansion. The barns were notably enlarged to accommodate agricultural activities and storage, while a new east wing was added, standing grandly with four stories, providing additional living spaces and enhancing the villa's imposing and functional aspects.

Furthermore, during the 17th century, a "brolo" garden was created within the enclosing walls, adorned with fruit trees and ornamental plants. This garden offered a serene and tranquil oasis for the villa's residents, complementing the luxurious and serene atmosphere.

The current appearance of Villa Wollemborg dates back to the early 19th century when the momentous wedding between Girolamo Polcastro and Caterina Querini Stampalia, a Venetian noblewoman, took place. On this occasion, the villa underwent substantial restoration and reorganization, acquiring the captivating aspect that continues to be admired today. The renovation project was entrusted to the Venetian architect Luigi Giuseppe Jappelli, renowned for his neoclassical style and refined taste.

Jappelli made various modifications and extensions, including the restoration and adaptation of the rectangular pond, which became a focal point in the landscaped garden. The pond was enriched with aquatic plants and designed to reflect the villa's beauty and its enchanting surroundings, creating a magical and evocative ambiance.

Over the subsequent centuries, Villa Wollemborg underwent several changes of ownership due to testamentary events. In the late 19th century, it was acquired by the Querini Stampalia Foundation of Venice, which later transferred ownership to the Wollemborg family in 1870. The Wollemborg family proudly held possession for a century, playing a key role in preserving the villa's magnificence and its rich historical and artistic heritage. Leone Wollemborg, a member of the family, notably founded the first rural savings bank in Italy within the villa's library.

In 1970, Villa Wollemborg found a new family of owners, the Gomiero, who continue to cherish and nurture the villa's exceptional history and cultural significance.

Today, Villa Wollemborg stands as the renowned venue for a restaurant specialized in hosting banquets and events. Guests have the unique opportunity to savor culinary delicacies while surrounded by the grandeur of the historic architecture and enchanting landscaped gardens. The villa's exclusive atmosphere provides an elegant and captivating setting for weddings, private parties, and special occasions, ensuring each event becomes an unforgettable experience.

The restaurant within Villa Wollemborg offers refined and creative cuisine inspired by local and international culinary traditions, with particular attention to selecting high-quality ingredients. Each dish is meticulously crafted with passion and care by the restaurant's chefs, guaranteeing a gourmet experience of the highest standard.

Whether attending a special event or visiting Villa Wollemborg for a romantic dinner, the timeless magic and elegance of the estate create a truly exceptional culinary and cultural experience. Villa Wollemborg, with its historical and artistic heritage combined with excellent cuisine, remains an extraordinary meeting place to celebrate beauty and tradition, perpetuating its legacy in the hearts of today's and tomorrow's visitors.

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Food & Wine

Food & Wine
The restaurant at Villa Wollemborg in Loreggia is an enchanting venue situated at the center of the provinces of Padua, Treviso, and Venice, immersed in a charming atmosphere and surrounded by a marvelous garden. This restaurant has earned a solid reputation as the ideal location for weddings and private and corporate events. Villa Wollemborg offers guests an elegant and refined ambiance, with indoor and outdoor spaces perfectly tailored to the needs of every event. The d├ęcor features a classic style, creating a welcoming and authentic atmosphere. Chef Umberto Baghin is the heart of Villa Wollemborg's cuisine. With his passion for culinary art and extensive experience, he creates exquisite dishes that satisfy the most discerning palates. His cuisine is based on using locally sourced, mostly organic, and Slow Food presidia ingredients. The restaurant at Villa Wollemborg is open year-round, but access is by reservation only. This ensures personalized service, attentive to the specific needs of each event. The staff is highly professional and takes care of every detail to ensure that every guest has an unforgettable experience. The villa's outdoor spaces, with their enchanting gardens and picturesque landscapes, offer the opportunity to host outdoor events in a natural and relaxing setting. Meanwhile, the elegantly furnished interiors are perfect for gala dinners and more intimate celebrations. In summary, the restaurant at Villa Wollemborg is the ideal place to celebrate weddings and host prestigious private and corporate events. With its traditional cuisine, charming ambiance, and impeccable service, guests can expect an unforgettable evening in an authentic setting.

Weddings and Events

Weddings and Events
Villa Wollemborg is an elegant venue located at the center of the provinces of Padua, Treviso, and Venice, specializing in organizing unforgettable events and weddings. The service offered by Villa Wollemborg is renowned for its dedication to attention to detail and excellence in executing every special occasion. For weddings, Villa Wollemborg provides a romantic and enchanting setting to celebrate the most important day in a couple's life. With its charming gardens, elegant indoor halls, and captivating ambiance, the villa offers the perfect backdrop for a magical ceremony and an unforgettable wedding banquet. The highly professional staff, attentive to the couple's desires, takes care of every aspect of the event, from table design and floral arrangements to menu selection. Chef Umberto Baghin prepares gourmet dishes with passion and creativity, using fresh and seasonal ingredients that delight the guests' palates. For corporate and private events, Villa Wollemborg offers versatile and sophisticated spaces ideal for conferences, meetings, gala dinners, and other special occasions. The villa is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual facilities, ensuring a flawless experience for guests and participants. The experienced staff assists organizers during the planning and execution of the event, ensuring impeccable and smooth management. The service offered by Villa Wollemborg is based on personalization and flexibility, as each event is unique and deserving of special attention. The main goal is to exceed clients' expectations, creating unforgettable experiences through the combination of enchanting venues, refined cuisine, and first-class service. In conclusion, Villa Wollemborg stands out as a prestigious venue for weddings and events, offering comprehensive and professional service that makes each occasion unique and memorable.

Meetings and Conferences

Meetings and Conferences
Villa Wollemborg offers comprehensive and professional services for corporate meetings and conferences, providing an elegant venue ideal for important work events and meetings. The villa features versatile and well-equipped indoor spaces capable of accommodating small and large groups. The service for corporate meetings includes assistance during event planning, logistic management, and setup of state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. The highly professional staff is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each client, ensuring the event is flawlessly executed. Moreover, Villa Wollemborg provides the option to offer catering services during meetings, with refined cuisine prepared by Chef Umberto Baghin, delighting participants with gourmet dishes made from fresh and high-quality ingredients. Thanks to its central location between the provinces of Padua, Treviso, and Venice, Villa Wollemborg is easily accessible, making the organization of meetings and conferences even more convenient for participants coming from different locations. The combination of an elegant environment, top-notch services, and meticulous attention to detail makes Villa Wollemborg an ideal choice for successful corporate events.

Historic gardens and parks

Historic gardens and parks
The romantic garden of Villa Wollemborg, masterfully crafted by architect Giuseppe Jappelli, is a true gem that enchants the eyes and embraces the hearts with its timeless charm. The fusion of centuries-old imported plants and native species, skillfully mixed with scents and colors, creates a magical and evocative atmosphere. This spectacular garden is a symphony of natural elements, with water paths gently flowing between ancient stones, creating enchanting plays of shadows and reflections. Romantic bridges invite strolls along secret paths, while small hills and gentle slopes offer shelter from winter winds. At the heart of the park lies a 13,000 sqm lawn, once used for horse racing. The romantic garden of Villa Wollemborg is a place where time seems to pass more slowly, and every corner hides a surprise to discover. It is an ideal setting for romantic walks, moments of meditation, or enjoying peaceful tranquility away from the hustle of daily life. Within the property, there is also the Wollemborg family chapel. The harmony between nature, history, and beauty makes this garden a true earthly paradise for nature and romance lovers.
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