Villa Beria di Sale e d'Argentina

Villa Beria di Sale e d'Argentina

Villa Beria is an ancient Friulian mansion located at the center of Marzano, in the province of Udine. The Villa is owned by Carlo de Carvalho de Moraes de Puppi Beria di Sale e d'Argentina.

Originally from a historic Portuguese family, he was adopted by Elena, the last descendent of the main branch of the Beria di Sale e d'Argentina family.

It is he who saw to the recent restoration which turned this 16th-century complex into a sophisticated, comfortable mansion.

Villa Beria is enclosed by walls and surrounded by a large historical park at the foot of Montuzza hill.

Around the estate are the vineyards where fine DOC wines are produced by the agricultural holding.

The park is dominated by the hunting lodge which today offers accommodation for exclusive holidays with a stunning panoramic view.

The interior of Villa Beria is embellished by graceful fireplaces and furnished with elegance according to the tastes of the ancient Friulian dwellings.

The Villa is open all year around for guided tours, receptions, cultural events, courses and exhibits.

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Via Francesco di Manzano, 1
33044 Manzano (UD)

+39 0432 758000 +39 336 230857

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